Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Almost Crying by Mako Takahashi review

Almost Crying

Author/Artist: Mako Takahashi

Publisher: Digital Manga Publishing

Rating: YA – 16 and up

Genre: Shonen Ai, Drama, Romance

Grade: C+

Almost Crying is an anthology of boys love stories by Mako Takahashi. If you like anthologies and ultra adorable characters this will be the perfect volume for you. The stories consist of a guy who fell for a street poet who turns out to be his boss at his new part-time job, a new take on "The Little Mermaid," a boy who pretends to be a robot dog so his new brother won't abandon him, a guy with a crush on his neighbor who happened to date his sister, a boy who wanted to cheer his crush up from a break up, a guy who loves dolls and falls for a toy store clerk who looks like his favorite doll, and the title story where two boys come across an orphan in a park.

The art in this is cutesy in every sense of the word. You never really know the ages of the boys in the stories unless they mention their own age and even then it makes you wonder. They all look like prepubescent boys even when they are supposed to be adults, high school students, etc. I will admit that the art is cute but it can make you feel a little uncomfortable because they look like they're children.

I'm a bit tired of anthologies because many of the titles that I've been reading (mainly older Juné titles that I may have missed in my original manga buying flurry) have been anthologies. The Mer-Prince was definitely unique but very, very short. The rest of the stories were a little formulaic but oh well, that happens when you deal with short one-shot stories.

This is a title that I'm going to say use your own judgement on. The over the top sweet boys can be a plus or a hindrance depending on how you look at it. If the idea of cutesy, cuddly boys is right up your alley then Almost Crying is for you. If the thought of these cutesy, cuddly boys being featured in boys love troubles you then you may want to hold off and either borrow it from someone you know or leaf through it at your local Borders to see if it is your cup of tea.

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