Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Lover's Flat by Hyouta Fujiyama review

Lover's Flat

Author/Artist: Hyouta Fujiyama

Publisher: Juné

Rating: M – for ages 18 and above

Genre: Yaoi, Drama, Romance, Slice of Life

Grade: A+

It all started on Christmas for Kouno and Natsu. Kouno has a crush on his best friend but he doesn’t want to ruin his friendship. Instead of spending Christmas alone Natsu spends it with Kouno in Kouno's small flat. After a night of drinking one thing leads to another and they go all the way. Natsu, having been deflowered (although does that work with the seme?) by this experience he wants to continue his sexual relationship with Kouno. Kouno reluctantly agrees but is that really enough for these two?

Next door to Kouno live Naomichi and Kei. You must realize that these apartments are like very studio apartments. Kei is a university student and Naomichi is working several part-time jobs. These two have been friends since childhood. One day out of the blue Kei confesses to Naomichi. Of course Naomichi is shocked by this revelation and doesn't know how to deal with this rush of emotion. By sheer coincidence he runs into his neighbor, Kouno, and the two strike up a friendship after Naomichi finds out that Kouno is gay. After a night of drinking Naomichi decides to enter into a relationship but he wants to take things slowly. What lies in store for these two couples?

Hyouta Fujiyama-sama is amazing. I love everything that she does. She is an amazing storyteller and a truly talented artist. Her characters look like everyday people but are so handsome you can't help but find them truly gorgeous. The interaction between the characters is fascinating and the friendship forged between these four men is so interesting. Natsu and Kouno's relationship is very hot and passionate whereas Naomichi and Kei's relationship is handled much more slowly because of Naomichi's reluctant nature.

Juné is the only publisher that prints Fujiyama-sama's titles. And I don't think that there is a better publisher out there for her work. With the larger trim size and higher quality printing materials really showcase her beautiful artwork. Juné has published several of her titles but I would like to see more of them come to our shores. Whether Juné or any other publisher takes them on, just know that you would have one very happy reader.

When it came to Fujiyama-sama I didn't think that I would like her as much as I do. I thought that her guys looked a little strange, but I decided to pick up her work anyway. I was in for a huge shock because I immediately fell in love. Was it the understated yet still amazing art that grabbed my attention? Was it the storytelling that sucked me in? It was both of course. The art and the storytelling go hand in hand and weave a stunning and beautiful piece of work. If you are like me and aren't sure if you want to check Fujiyama-sama's work, trust me you won't be disappointed with her. You'll just want more and more!

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Oliver said...

Love Fujiyama! Props for writing a review on Lover's Flat! Her works don't seem amazing, but they are interesting to read with her unique art style.

Kris said...

@ Oliver

I absolutely adore Fujiyama-sama. I could gush forever on my feelings about her work. Her works are so charming because her stories and her art mesh so well together!