Thursday, March 19, 2009

Support Your Favorite Manga Companies!

I received a very frightening email today from Elisa Tung over at Aurora. We all know that the economy is suffering due to the craziness on Wall Street, home foreclosures, and unemployment. But the news she shared with me caused my heart to sink. Aurora Publishing, home to Deux Press, Luv Luv Press and Aurora, is in danger of going out business. This is one of my favorite publishers and I can't imagine my manga shelf without their titles. To recoup some of their profits they are having a big sale. If you contact them directly you can get some really great deals(you can contact Elisa at [email protected]). You can get most of their titles for $4.00 a piece (all releases up through January). For February, March and April's releases they are selling for $8.00. That is a fantastic deal!

Elisa said that they probably wouldn't know what would happen until after Anime Expo but from the tone of her email the outcome is pretty grim. So please pick up the titles that interest you by going straight to them and let them know that you think that they are a valuable asset in the manga field.

It also makes me wonder, is the Cigarette Kisses license a bad luck charm or something? Just kidding, I love Nase Yamato and desperately want to read this manga!


Anonymous said...

Hello, I don't know you, but I have posted at the Kuriousity site.

I just wanted to know if this information was posted at any of the major yaoi sites?

If I were to post it could I reference your article/blog?

Kris said...

Hey! Thanks for stopping by. At all of the sites that I've seen they've pretty much all said the same thing. I'm pretty sure that Elisa Tung's email to all of us who review Aurora titles contained the same info but I'm really the only one who brought up the going out of business aspect and for me as a huge fan of their titles I really don't want to see them disappear. I think that the folks over at Aurora take some chances that other companies might normally shy away from and I think that is really important to support them. Feel free to use me as a reference!

Oliver said...

Very scary, yet very real. I don't know how a struggling Yaoi company (and other imprints) will survive. Yaoi is too expensive and with that, people will probably choose to drop it in favour of their favourite, slightly cheaper mainstream titles. I know I did.