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Tech Write for Us – Guest Post Submission Guidelines

Thank you for showing your interest in writing for UpGrading. Here at UpGrading, we love to share helpful and, most importantly, quality content to our diverse audience. Since we have a wide range of audiences and a handful of writers, we are looking for Writers from the Tech Community to come forward and contribute actionable guest posts on this blog. Submitting a Guest Post on our Site can help both of us in Many Ways. First of all, it will help us build a strong relationship with Writers from the Tech Community; secondly, it will help you to amplify your Voices and, finally, share your knowledge with many others.

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There are several other SEO Benefits of Guest Posting as well, and we will talk about them in a while. Now coming to the critical part, We receive hundreds of emails daily regarding Guest Posting and filter through all of them has become difficult. This is why we have come up with our Guest Post Submission Guidelines. Please read the Guidelines and learn more about how you can share the knowledge with our readers before submitting the guest post request. Any submission which does not follow these particular guidelines will not be considered.

How Guest Post Submission On This Site Can Help You

Guest Posting, also known as Guest Blogging is an act of writing content for someone else’s website. At first, it may sound ridiculous; why would someone waste their precious time writing content for someone else? Well, Usually Guest Bloggers Write Content for Similar Blogs to gain the following benefits:

  • Build a relationship with people of the same interest in the community
  • Capture a wider audience by redirecting traffic back to their Websites
  • Increase their brand credibility to get more business opportunities
  • Boost their domain authority with the help of backlink from high-authority domains

Like always, Guest Posting offers mutual benefits, both for the writer and the website publishing the guest post. Now let’s cut this part and take an in-depth look at how guest blogging can help you but first take a look at our website and social media stats. UpGrading has over XX Page Views per month, and our article reaches thousands of visitors each week. We also have thousands of followers on our social media platforms.

(Attach Website Stats) Ahrefs or Moz.

Build Relationships

Submitting a guest post on a high-authority blog that is already getting massive amounts of traffic is a great idea to start a healthy relationship, not only with the blog owner but also with the readers. Although guest blogging helps you to build a relationship, it takes time. You should be consistent with what you are doing, keep interacting with others through comments and social media platforms.

Bring targeted Users back to your Site

When you submit a guest post, upon approval, you get backlinks and an author profile, linking back to your website. If a reader likes your content, then he will eventually follow back to your Site using the backlink or follow you on social media to see more from you. In this way, you get high quality targeted users, and you can smartly convert them into your customers.

Promote Yourself

We had personally tried this when our website was growing. A well-written quality guest post on a high-authority blog will help you to promote yourself in many ways. Suppose your guest post gets around 40,000 views, and 0.5% (200) of them follow you on your social media platform. This number is still huge because they are a targeted audience. Some of them might become your Client/Customer and benefit you in the long run.

SEO Benefits

Linking posts with each other is an essential factor in ranking your blog. A Backlink from a High-Authority website can help you to list your blog post higher on the Google Search Result Page. It will also help you to build your Domain Authority and thus profit your blog in the long run.

Who Can Write for Us?

As stated before, we receive thousands of emails daily for guest post submission, and we simply cannot allow everyone to publish a post on our Site. Since this is a Technology related website, we allow anyone from the same community, whether he is an Engineering Student, Developer, Programmer, Gamer, or a Tech-Enthusiast to submit a guest post. Make sure you have experience in writing a blog post, and you are good to go.

We would also like you to know that we do not take a guest post from:

  • Our Competitors
  • Someone with no experience
  • People from other Industry or Community

Types of Content Accepted

It seems like a great idea to let you know about the type of content we accept on our website. Clearing a few things beforehand will save a lot of time for both of us. We are generally not specific about the kind of material, and it can be anything related to Technology. Whether its a Product Review, Buying Guide, Tips and Tricks, or How-to articles. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • We do not accept the Syndicated/Unoriginal Post. Make sure the content you submit is 100% unique. You should also make sure that you own the right to it, and it is not published anywhere else on the internet, including your blog.
  • We do not accept posts submissions such as press releases, anti product – product review, and anything related to religion and politics.
  • Here are links to some of our successful guest post submissions on our Site. This might make things a little easier for you to figure out whether your pitch will be a fit.
  • Upon a successful guest post submission, you can expect the guest post to go live within 48 hrs. However, in some scenarios, it may take up to a week.
  • IMPORTANT: You can send us the pitch first and send the draft when we ask for it or send the pitch and the draft altogether. Sending Pitch and Draft together will make it easier for us to decide whether the content is suitable for our website or not. However, It is totally up to you.

Guest Post Submission Guidelines

This section covers a lot of practical things for you, as a writer might want to know while contributing to our Site.

Audience and Purpose: All guest post content submission must focus on readers from the Tech community. It can include any sector in the Tech industry, such as Robotics, Gadgets, Computer Science, and many more. The main focus of the content is to inform or inspire the audience. We strictly avoid articles filled with self-promotion.

Post length and Content: We do not accept tweet-length submissions. The article should contain more than 600 words and written in a professional manner in order to get accepted. The post must contain actionable advice and other detailed information. You can find some examples here.

Image requirements: You can include a certain number of Images in the post. Images are a great way to describe something which cannot be done with just words. You can choose to skip this, and we will handle it on our side. In case you are adding images, then don’t forget to credit the owner of the images.

Formatting: The article must be formatted appropriately. An excellent looking article keeps the user interested in reading more of it. The post should feature lists, headers, Bullet points, and other engaging ways. At least one heading and one subheading are strictly mandatory.

Crediting: You must make it clear about the research source, and proper crediting should be done. You can do this by mentioning the source along with the link right next to it. When it comes to images, you can do it in the Caption.

Guidelines on links: The links we offer you for guest posting will be do-follow, and you can include an anchor text upon your choice. As stated before, make sure the link does not follow our competitors.

Self Promo: You are allowed to include a brief bio about yourself along with your article. It should contain a headshot and link to your website, social media channels, or any other resources.

Before Submitting the Guest Post:

There are certain things you should (As a Writer) keep in mind before submitting the guest post.

You own the right to your content, represent a warrant that it is your original work, not plagiarized, and doesn’t include any objectionable or libelous material. There should not be any legal suit, expenses, claim, cause of action, or any other legal fees out of your content.

We maintain the right to make small edits in your article, most of the time we do it for spellings, grammar, and formatting mistakes found while checking the content. We can also choose the post title, which fits best for our blog and audience.

We maintain the right to reject your submission or to request any kind of revision if we found that that article is not suitable for our audience. You also maintain the right to refuse!

We aim to publish as many guest posts as we can each day. However, depending upon the rate of submission, your article may not be immediately accepted. You have to be patient, and we will share a publishing date for your content.

How to Submit a Guest Post?

Submitting your content to get published on our website is very easy and only requires a couple of steps. Please write the article in full before submitting it. Make sure the quality of the content matches your pitch.

Accepted formats: You can submit your content in any text related format. It can be a Word Document, Google Doc, PDFs, PowerPoint Presentation, Text file, or Write the full in the email itself. Just make sure the file you attach has the Read/Write Permission and is not password protected.

  • To submit the content, simply write an email at [email protected], along with your article attached.
  • You can also share links to your article if it is hosted somewhere else, like Google Docs or Dropbox.
  • Apart from this, you can drop your content in the Contact Us form on our website.

After the submission, We will take a couple of days to review and respond back to you.

What Next?

Once you hit the submit button, sit back and relax.

Average Review Time: We take around 48hrs to review your article, publish it, and get back to you. Sometimes it may take longer than usual, but in that case, we will let you know.

How will you be notified: Wondering how to figure out whether your pitch is accepted? Simply wait for the Average Review Time, and we will let you know through email. We don’t like to keep people waiting.

What the post Is rejected: If your Content is rejected or we didn’t like your pitch, then we will let you know through email. You are free to use the same content to pitch someone else, publish it on your blog, or anywhere else on the internet. We do not share any kind of feedback or suggestion regarding your content.

When the post is accepted: We will inform you through email attaching a link to the live post; apart from this, we will promote your article on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms. The article will be featured on the homepage for several days and will stay on our website permanently. You are also requested to share the article on your own social media channels.

If you have any kind of questions, then reach out to us at [email protected]. Thanks again for showing your interest in writing for UpGrading. We can’t wait to hear from you soon. Bye and take care!