Jio is a subsidiary company of the Indian company Reliance Pvt Ltd. Being a telecom company Jio has also been trying to spread its wings in the smartphone and feature phone business. Over the past few years, it has launched a couple of smartphones and feature phones targeting the budget segment for the Indian audience. One such device launched by Jio was the Lyf f90m.

Launched at a very competitive price in the budget segment category, Lyf f90m was an instant hit. Millions of people bought it during its launch period as it provided great value for money and was very affordable. Lots of people still use this device as their primary phone.

As mobile devices get old they start developing software issues over time. In some cases, these issues might be minor and can be overlooked but sometimes they can increase to a level where the device becomes unusable at a point. If your Lyf f90m is also facing any kind of software issue or is unable to restart at all then one easy way to solve this issue is to install the stock flash file firmware on your device.

We will talk about what exactly a flash file is later and this article.


What is the Lyf f90m flash file?

Typically speaking a flash file is mostly a component consisting of four different pieces of software. The four different software components are the kernel, operating system, bootloader, recovery image, etc. Each of these software components has a predefined function that they need to carry out for the device to work properly.

the operating system being the mother software of the device handles all the user inputs and interactions. It also manages the system resources so that the device can function efficiently. The kernel helps the operating system in this task by providing a bridge between the system resources and the operating system itself. Similarly, the main task of the bootloader is to load the operating system into memory whenever the device is powered on.

If your device is not functioning properly then it is very probable that the issue is with either of these four components. Mostly it is the operating system that gets corrupted or a part of it gets corrupted and causes problems. The most efficient way to solve such issues is to install the flash file onto the device which is provided by the manufacturer itself.

In this article, we will see what problems you can solve by installing the flash file on your device and what is the process of installing it on your device.

Installing the flash file can solve these problems –

Installing the flash file on your device has quite a few advantages when it comes to repairing software damage. Doing so will reset your device to its factory settings by installing a fresh copy of all the software components present in the flash file. This helps to replace or repair any damaged software components of your device. You can solve the most kinds of software damages to your device by this method. But keep in mind that any kind of hardware damage is not repairable by installing the flash files. Some common issues that you can solve by installing the flash file on your device are –

  • In case you have forgotten the security password for your device and are unable to access it then re-install the flash file will reset the password. This way you can gain back access to your phone.
  • If you are facing frequent restarts on your smartphone it can be due to malware corruption or improper system files. These issues can be fixed if you install the flash files as it will put your device into a stock state and make it completely new in terms of software.
  • If your device has become slow and is unresponsive then it could be due to junk files and other software that might be interfering with the functioning of the operating system.
  • Regular app crashes can also be a sign of software damage and can be fixed by installing the system flash file. It will help to clear any junk files from your device and restore your device to a completely new state.


How to install flash file firmware in Lyf f90m?

In this section, we will see how we can install the flash file firmware on your Lyf f90m.

Note –

Follow this tutorial on your own risk. Any damage done to your device by following this tutorial will not be our responsibility.


Download Lyf f90m flash file and the required tools

Before proceeding with the process download the below-given files and extract them on to your desktop. Extract them into three different folders for better accessibility.

To install the flash files on your device, we will be using the QFIL flash tool.

Steps to flash Lyf f90m firmware file –

Charge your device to at least 50% before moving forward with the process. Make sure that you use a high-quality usb cable to connect your device to the computer

  • First of all, go to the folder where you extracted the USB drivers and install them.
  • Now go to the folder where you have extracted the flash tool.  Launch the QFIL flash tool by clicking the QFIL.exe file.
  • Switch off your device and connect it to the computer using a usb cable. Once the device is connected to the computer press and hold the volume up key until the computer detects it.
  • In the QFIL flash tools window click on the browse button.
  • Now select the firmware file by navigating to the folder where you have extracted it in the previous step.
  • Once everything is set, click on the download button.
  • The flashing process should start and you will see the progress at the bottom of the window.
  • Once the flashing process is complete your phone will automatically restart.


Conclusion –

If your device is having any kind of software issues then the easiest and efficient way of solving such issues is to install the flash file on it. The flash file is a collection of useful software components that are necessary for the proper functioning of the device. In this article, we have stated the importance of the flash files and their functions. We have also given a tutorial on how you can install it on your device.