Lenovo is a Chinese multinational technology company launched in 1984. Lenovo is a consumer electronics manufacturer and has been producing electronics such as televisions, smartphones, computers, etc. It is known for providing great value for money and great features in their smartphones. Around the years 2014 and 2015 Lenovo was at its peak in its market share in India. Lenovo launched dozens of smartphones in different budget segments. One such phone launched by Lenovo was the Lenovo a6020a40 also called Lenovo vibe k5. 

During its launch period, the Lenovo  k5 was sold in millions of units because of its immense popularity.  One major reason for its immense popularity was its affordable price and great value for money.  Even after a few years of its launch, the Lenovo k5 is still being used by many people as their primary smartphone.  But just like any other android device, you might start facing some software issues in the Lenovo vibe k5 overtime. Such kinds of issues can easily be fixed installing the flash files onto the device. These flash files are generally provided by the manufacturer of the device itself during the time of the launch of the device.

Reinstalling the flash file can solve certain different types of software issues that you might be facing with your device. In this article, we will see what exactly is a flash file and what kind of issues we can solve by installing it.


What is Lenovo a6020a40 flash file?

Generally, a flash file is a collection of few software components. The software components usually are bootloader, operating system, kernel, recovery image, etc. Which of these components have a designated function that they need to perform in order to make the device usable? If any of these components malfunction the device can get corrupted or become unusable at the least. The operating system is the mother software or other device and handles all the user inputs and resource management. The bootloader helps to load the operating system into memory whenever the device is powered on. Similarly, the kernel provides an interface for the operating system to interact with the hardware components of the device and control them. All the updates provided to the device by the manufacturer are handled by the recovery image. 

If either of these components starts to malfunction the device can lose a certain feature or the ability to work properly at all. Reinstalling the flash file resets the device and installs a fresh copy of the operating system onto the device. It is necessary to back up any important data before installing the flash file onto the device.

In this article, we will see what problems you can solve by installing the flash files onto your device.

Installing the flash file can solve these problems –

Installing the flash file on your device can help you to solve multiple different problems related to software. One thing to keep in mind is following this procedure will only help if you have software related issues in your device.  Anything faulty on the hardware level is not repairable by this method. Some of the software issues that you can solve by installing the flash file on your device are as follows- 

  • Installing the flash file can help to reset the device and remove any kind of software locks for passwords.  This is helpful if you have forgotten the password to unlock your device.
  • If on restarting the device,  the device keeps on going to the boot animation without actually getting switched on then it is possible that the device has gone into a boot loop.  This issue can also be solved by installing the flash file.
  • If your device keeps on restarting itself on certain intervals unexpectedly. Installing the flash file can help the device to get back to its original state and avoid these kinds of issues. 

How to install flash file firmware in Lenovo a6020a40?

Follow the below-given steps to install flash files on your Lenovo a6020a40.

Note –

This tutorial is only given for educational purposes.  Any damage caused to your device by following this tutorial is your own responsibility. Follow it at your own risk.

Download Lenovo a6020a40 flash file and the required tools

Download all the three files given below and extract them onto your desktop. Extract them into three separate folders for better accessibility later on. 

Steps to flash Lenovo a6020a40 firmware file –

Before moving forward with the procedure make sure that you have charged your device to at least 50%. Also, use a good quality USB cable to avoid any kind of unexpected errors.

  • The first thing that we need to do is install the device drivers onto your computer.  Go to the folder where you have extracted the drivers downloaded in the earlier step. Install the driver files.
  • Now go to the folder where you have downloaded the Lenovo downloader.  Extract the file and look for application with the name qcomdloader.Exe.
  • Double click on the application to launch it.
  • Now click on the load button present on the top left corner of the application.
  • A new window will pop up where you have to select the firmware files that you downloaded in the earlier step.
  • Once the firmware files are selected click on the start button present at the top of the application.
  • Now switch off your mobile device and hold volume up and volume down buttons simultaneously for five seconds. Connect the device to the computer using a USB cable.
  • Once the computer detects the device, the installation procedure should start automatically. 
  • You can see the progress of the flashing process on the application in the progress bar.
  • Once the flashing process is complete you will see a green passed message under the progress bar on the application.
  • When the flashing process is complete disconnect your phone and restart it.


In this article, we saw how you can install flash files on your smartphone.  If you’re facing any kind of software issue and want to fix them without spending any money or going to the service center then this article is a great resource for you. Here we have shown what is a flash file and what are the benefits of flashing it.  We have also given a step-by-step tutorial on how you can flash it on your device.