Lenovo is a Chinese multinational technology company that also produces Smartphones and mobile devices. Lenovo recently bought Motorola and thus has acquired a huge share of the smartphone market. In the past few years, Lenovo has launched a lot of different smartphone devices in different price segments. One such Device was the Lenovo a6000. Lenovo launched the a6000 back in 2015 and it was one of the best selling devices of that time. Even now you can find lots of people using the same device from five years ago.

This is mostly because during that time Lenovo sold millions of units of this device. Giving credit to its affordable price and good specifications, this device grew in popularity within a short period. Though just like every mobile device you can face some software issues overtime in Lenovo a6000 as well. 

The software problems might arise due to poor usage by the user or due to some other external factors, and knowing how to fix these issues is always an added advantage. Though the problems that might occur in the software of the devices differ in nature and many of them can be just fixed by resetting your device, a lot of problems can only be fixed by installing the flash file provided by Lenovo itself. But then what exactly is a flash file?

In this article, we will see what is a flash file firmware and how can you install this in your Lenovo a6000?


What is Lenovo a6000 flash file?

A flash file generally is a system software or also called firmware which comes pre-installed in the device and it contains all the necessary files required for the device to function properly. The system file mostly contains the operating system, bootloader and the recovery partition of the device. If your device is having any troubles in the software then installing the flash file will install a fresh copy of the operating system onto the device which will help to eliminate any kinds of software issues if present. Usually, all the manufacturers release the flash files for the respective devices before the launch of the device as then the users can repair their devices if any of the software problems occur. Though the question might arise what kind of problems can the flash file solve? 

These problems will be solved after installing the flash file

  • If your phone is locked and you don’t remember the password or pattern to unlock your device, then installing the flash file will reset your device and you will be able to access your device again. 
  • If your phone does not start and is stuck on the Lenovo logo, which is also called a “boot loop” where the device goes in an infinite loop of restarts. In such a case also, installing the flash file can help to recover your device. 
  • If the operating system of your device is not functioning properly or you are facing any kind of glitches then also installing the flash file can help. 
  • If your Lenovo device is restarting on its own without having any physical issues such as battery screen issues then also installing the flash file can help to eliminate this issue.

How to install flash file firmware in Lenovo a6000? 

To successfully install flash files from where in your Lenovo a6000 follow the below-given steps carefully. 

Note – We are not responsible for any damage caused to your device by following this process. 

Download Lenovo a6000 flash file and the required tools

To Install the flash file successfully you will need the flash file and some other tools that come along with it that will help you to install it. Use the below-given links to download all the required files-

Once you download all the given files, extract the zip archives on your desktop into separate folders. 

Steps to flash Lenovo a6000 Firmware file –

Make sure that you have charged your device to at least 50% before performing this process. We will be using the SP Flash tool to install the flash file in your Lenovo a6000. 

  • Once you have downloaded the driver from the link given above extract it and install it on your computer. If you have already installed this driver on your computer earlier, skip this step.
  • Now power off your device and remove the battery if it is removable otherwise leave it as it is. 
  • Now go to the folder on your desktop where you have extracted the SP Flash tool and double click on flash_tool.exe file to launch the tool. 
  • When the SP flash tool launches, click on the “choose” button in front of the scatter file. 
  • Now you have to locate the scatter file which in this case will be located inside the Lenovo a6000 flash file folder where you have extracted your flash file. 
  • After loading the scatter file you will see a list of files in the SP flash tool. Untick the option that says Preloader or Preloader.bin
  • Now take the Lenovo a6000 and connect it to your computer via USB cable. 
  • Now on your Lenovo a6000 press the volume down or the volume up button so that the computer detects your device.
  • When the computer detects your Lenovo a6000, press the download button on the SP flash tool.
  • You will see a progress bar at the bottom of the SP flash tools. You can check the progress there. 
  • Do not touch the computer or the Lenovo a6000 until the process is complete. 
  • You will see a green ring at the end of the flashing process. You can also check the progress in the progress bar located at the bottom of the SP flash tool.
  • Now close the SP Flash tool and disconnect your mobile device from the computer. 
  • Now insert the battery back into your Lenovo a6000 and press the power button until the Lenovo logo appears. 

If you follow all the above-given steps carefully your device will restart and look as it used to look the time you bought it.

Conclusion –

Flashing the firmware file in your Lenovo a6000 is a very easy process and anyone can do it. If you ever face some software issue in your Lenovo a6000, you don’t need to visit a repair center. You can just follow the above-given guide and install the flash file firmware on your own. Make sure you take optimum care and follow the guide word to word.