Founded in the year 2000, Micromax is an Indian Consumer Electronics company which in its late years pivoted towards manufacturing smartphones for the Indian consumers. Micromax launched a plethora of devices out of which one was the Micromax A106 aka Micromax unite 2. The Micromax a106 was launched in mid-2014 and is known for its high performance and great value for money

Micromax sold millions of units of the a106 which can be credited to the fact that this device packed a punch for the price it came. A Lot of people even now use this device as their primary phone. But once a device gets this old it surely faces issues that are either software or hardware related. Talking about the software issues, the most common ones are unresponsive operating system, slow processing speed, frequent phone restarts, etc. 

Given the fact that a huge amount of units of this phone were sold, it is common to find these kinds of software issues occurring over time in a few devices. The software issues can be a consequence of the age of the device or usage of the device by the user or it may be just due to some external factors beyond the reach of the user. In either case, the software issues can be easily fixed by installing flash file firmware onto the Micromax A106. A flash file generally, is a piece of software that is required for the proper functioning of a device. 

In this article, we will see what a flash file is and how you can install it on your Micromax A 106 and solve any kind of software issue if any at all. 


What is Micromax a106 flash file?

A flash file or also called as the firmware is a piece of software that comes pre-installed in a mobile device. For the proper functioning of the device, the flash file is extremely necessary. This flash file contains different components such as the operating system, recovery image, bootloader, etc. If anything goes wrong with the operating system of your device then re-installing the flash file is a sure way to solve such kind of issues. Usually, all the mobile manufacturers release the flash files for their respective devices before the official launch of the device so that the users can make the use of these flash files if anything goes wrong with their device in the future. 

Though installing the flash file in your Micromax A106 should solve any kind of software issues that you might be facing but keep in mind that reinstalling the flash file can only solve software issues, if any, on the phone. But it is of no use if, your phone has any kind of hardware damage as it can then only be fixed by repairing or replacing certain hardware components of the device.

Installing the flash file can solve these problems

  • If you have forgotten the unlock pattern or the password to unlock your device and are unable to access it then flashing the file firmware will reset your device after which you can access your device. 
  • If your device goes in a boot loop where it justs keeps restarting over and over again. In such cases also, reinstalling the flash file can help your device to get back to its original state. 
  • If your device is behaving in unwanted ways and you can’t figure out what exactly is wrong then it is very likely that your operating system is having some kind of bugs or glitches that can be easily fixed by reinstalling the flash file firmware.
  • If your device keeps on restarting itself on certain intervals unexpectedly. Installing the flash file can help the device to get back to its original state and avoid these kinds of issues. 

How to install flash file firmware in Micromax a106?

If you want to install the flash 5 firmware in your Micromax A 106 then follow the below-given steps carefully.

Note – This process, if followed incorrectly can result in a permanently dead device. We are not responsible for any damage caused to your device while following this tutorial. Do it on your own risk

Download Micromax a106 flash file and the required tools

To start with the installation procedure we first need to download a few files that include the flash file firmware and the tools necessary to install it on your device. Use the below-given links to download these files.

Once you have downloaded these three files copy them to your desktop and extract them in three separate folders so you can access them easily later on. 

Steps to flash Micromax a106 Firmware file

Before starting with the procedure make sure that you have charged your device to at least 50%. It is a necessary step for this procedure. We will be using SP flash tools to install the flash file firmware on your Micromax A106. 

  • First of all, go to the folder where you have extracted the drivers and install them on your computer. 
  • Now take your device and power it off. Remove the back cover of your device and also remove the battery. If the battery is not removable just leave the device in the power-off state. 
  • Now on your desktop go to the folder where you have extracted the SP Flash tool and open the folder. You will see a file named flash_tool.exe. double click on the file to launch the SP Flash tool. 
  • Once the SP Flash tool is loads, click on the choose button in front of the scatter file option. 
  • A new window will open where you have to choose the scatter file for your Micromax A 106.  You can find the scatter file where you extracted the flash file archive in previous steps.
  • Once the scatter files loads properly, you will see a list of different files on the SP flash tools. Make sure you can take the option that says Preloader or Preloader.bin
  • Take your mobile device and connect it with your computer via USB cable. 
  • If the computer doesn’t detect your Micromax A106 just press the volume up or down button on your device. This will help to make the device visible to the computer. 
  • After the computer detects your mobile device click on the download button in the SP Flash tool.
  • The flashing process should start now. You will see a small progress bar at the bottom of the SP flash tools when the process starts. 
  • Make sure you do not disturb the computer or the mobile device until the flashing process is complete. 
  • A green ring should pop up on the screen once the flashing process finishes.
  • You can now close the SP Flash tool and disconnect your mobile device from the computer. 
  • Insert the battery back into your Micromax A 106 and power it on.  If everything went correctly the phone will restart and look completely new in terms of software. 


If your Micromax A106 is having any software issues such as – frequent restarts or maybe you forgot the password to unlock your device. In either case, installing the flash file firmware on your device and resetting it should solve the problem very easily. Following the above-given tutorial will help to solve any kind of software related issues on your Micromax A106.