Micromax is an Indian brand that manufactures consumer electronics.  Micromax was launched back in the year 2000 and has been active In the consumer market since then.  Micromax sold millions of units of the Micromax d320 during its launch period. A lot of people bought the Micromax d320 during its launch period because of its affordability. Many people still use Micromax d320 as their primary device. Since so many units of this device were sold, there are high chances that some of the units out of these units might face some kind of software issues later on in the future.

These issues are among frequent restarts, App freezing, slow operating system, etc. We can easily fix these types of issues By installing the Micromax d320 flash file firmware provided by Micromax itself. 

Installing the flash file firmware on the device will reset it recommended to backup all the important data before flashing it. 

In this article, we will see what is a flash file and how you can install it on your Micromax d320. 


What is the Micromax d320 flash file?

Flash File is a collection of software components such as the bootloader, recovery image, kernel, operating system, etc. All of these components work in synchronization to make the device usable.  the operating system handles the user input and resource management of the device. similarly, the kernel provides an interface for the operating system to interact with the hardware components of the device.  the bootloader helps to load the operating system into memory whenever the device is switched on. the main function of the recovery image is to handle the software updates provided by the manufacturer of the device.

If any of these components malfunction or fail to perform their task successfully then it can result in a faulty device.  these issues can easily be fixed by installing the flash file on to the device again. 

Installing the flash file can solve these problems –

  • Installing the flash file firmware is useful in cases such as if you have forgotten the unlock pattern or password for your device. This will reset your device and also reset the lock password so that you can access your device without any issues.
  • Sometimes it may happen that your device would keep on restarting and go into a loop, which is also called a boot loop. In such cases, the device doesn’t switch on properly and keeps on restarting again and again. This issue can also be fixed by installing the flash file firmware.
  • If your apps are crashing very frequently or your operating system has become too slow. It might be due to Malware in the operating system which can be fixed if you install the flash file firmware and install the latest operating system available for your device.

How to install flash file firmware in Micromax d320?

If you want to install the flashlight from where on your Micromax d320 that follow the below-given steps carefully.

Note – This tutorial deals with modifying system partition and installing operating system files which, if done incorrectly, can completely break your device. Do it at your own risk. 

Download Micromax d320 flash file and the required tools

For this tutorial, we will be using SPD flash tools to install the flash file firmware. Download the files from the below-given links. Copy them to a location that is easily accessible on your computer.

Download all the three files from the links given above and extract them onto your desktop In separate folders. 

Steps to flash Micromax d320 Firmware file –

Before starting with the procedure make sure that you have to charge your device up to at least 50%. This is extremely necessary as if the device dies In between the procedure it can become completely dead. This tutorial we will be using the SPD Flash tool to flash the Firmware files.

  • The first episode to install the drivers that you have downloaded in the previous step. Already have these drivers installed on your computer skip this step.
  • Now go to the folder where you have extracted SPD flash tools. Look for a file that says UpgradeDownload.exe. double click on the file to launch the software. 
  • What is the SPD Flash tool Opens, click on the gear icon present on top left corner that says Load Packet
  • Now a new window will open where you have to select the.PAC firmware file that you have downloaded in the previous step.
  • Take your Micromax d320 and power it off. Connect it to your computer via USB cable. 
  • Once you are sure that your computer has detected your mobile device. Press the start downloading button on SPD flash tools. 
  • This will start the flashing process. You can see the progress in a progress bar present on the SPD Flash tool window. 
  • During the flashing process, your device might restart multiple Times. Make sure that you do not disturb it or disconnect it during the procedure.
  • Once the election process is complete you will see a message in green color that says passed. 
  • Disconnect your mobile device from your computer and restart it.

If everything went correctly your device should have a fresh copy of the flash file firmware installed on it. 

Conclusion –

Your smartphone is having any kind of software issues and you want to repair it on your own without having to spend any money.  Then installing the flash file onto the device is the best option for you. installing the flash file can reset the device and help to resolve any kind of software issues ranging from random restarts, application freezing issues slow navigation, force restarts, boot loop issues, etc