Vivo is a Chinese smartphone manufacturer and is also a subsidiary of BBK electronics. Vivo has been manufacturing smartphones for over a decade now and has established its presence all around the world. Unlike its competitors, Vivo focuses more on the offline market segment. Vivo has been a pioneer in many of the latest technologies that smartphones have started bringing up in recent years.

Vivo has launched dozens of smartphones up till now and has sold millions of units of their smartphones. One such device launched by Vivo was the Vivo y11. Vivo y11 was sold like hotcakes during its launch period. It was mostly because of its great features and affordable price. It was a very good device and many people still use the same Vivo y11 even to this day as their primary smartphone. But just like every other Android-based device the Vivo y11 may also face some kind of software issues as it ages. All these issues are software related and can be easily fixed by installing the flash file onto the device. These flash files are provided by the phone manufacturers during the launch period of the device.

Software issues such as frequent restarts application freezing issues, random restarts, slow operating systems, etc are some of the common issues that you might face on such devices. Installing the flash file will reset the device and install a fresh copy of the operating system on to the device.

In this article, we will see what exactly is a flash file and what issues you can solve by installing it. We will also see how you can install it on your device.


What is Vivo Y11 flash file?

Mostly the flash files are provided by the manufacturer for public use. A flash file is a collection of multiple different software components such as the kernel, operating system, recovery image, bootloader, etc. Each of these software components has a predefined function that they should perform in order for the device to perform efficiently. If any of these components malfunctions the device might get corrupted or not work as expected. The operating system is the mother software of the device and handles the resource management and user input for the device. The bootloader helps to load the operating system into memory when you were the device is powered on. The recovery image takes care of any software updates issued by the manufacturer of the device. The kernel provides an interface between the operating system and the hardware components of the device so that the operating system can control all the features of the device.

If either of these components fails or malfunctions, it can hamper the operating of the device. Luckily in most cases installing the flash file onto the device can fix these issues very easily.

In the next section, we will see what kind of issues we can solve by installing the flash file on your device.

Installing the flash file can solve these problems –

Keep in mind that installing the flash file can only help to resolve issues related to the software itself. If any hardware component of your device is damaged then re-installing the flash file won’t be of any use. Some common issues that can be resolved by installing the flash files are –

  •  Installing the flash file can help to reset the device and remove any kind of software locks for passwords.  This is helpful if you have forgotten the password to unlock your device.
  • If on restarting the device,  the device keeps on going to the boot animation without actually getting switched on then it is possible that the device has gone into a boot loop.  You can solve this issue by installing the flash file onto the device.
  • If your device keeps on restarting itself on certain intervals unexpectedly. Installing the flash file can help the device to get back to its original state and avoid these kinds of issues.

How to install flash file firmware in vivo y11?

Below given are the steps that you need to follow in order to install the flash files on your Vivo y11.

Note –

Follow this tutorial on your own risk. This tutorial is provided only for educational purposes and any damage caused to your device by following it is completely your responsibility.

Download Vivo y11 flash file and the required tools

Download the below-given file and extract them on your desktop in an easily accessible location.

Extract the downloaded files on your desktop into three separate folders for better accessibility.

Steps to flash Vivo y11 firmware file –

Before proceeding further with the process make sure that you charge your device to at least 50%. Follow the below-given steps to install the flash files onto your device

  • Navigate to the folder where you have extracted the drivers download in the previous step.  Install the drivers onto your computer. Skip this step if you already have installed them
  • Now switch off your mobile phone and also remove the battery from it.
  • Go to the folder where you have extracted sp flash tools and find the file that says flash_tool.Exe. Launch the application by double-clicking on it.
  • Once the sp flash tools launch, you need to click on the choose button present in front of the scatter file option.
  • A new window will open where you will have to select the path. For the scatter file which you can find in the folder where you have extracted the flash file for your device.
  • After selecting the scatter file the list below the scatter file option in sp flash tools should get populated.
  • Now connect your mobile device to your computer via usb cable.
  • Once the computer detects your mobile device press the download button in sp flash tools.
  • The flashing process will start now and you should see a small progress bar at the bottom of the sp flash tools.
  • You will see a small green circle will pop up on your screen once the flashing process has completed successfully.
  • After the process completes successfully, close the sp flash tools and disconnect your mobile device from your computer.
  • If everything went correctly your device should have a new installation of the operating system.

Conclusion –

Installing the flash file on your device can help you to solve many different kinds of software issues. Issues such as application freezing, frequent restarts, slow operating system, etc are some of the issues that you can solve by following the above procedure. In this article, we have given a complete tutorial on how you can do it and what are the steps necessary for this process.