Yu is a sub-brand of the Indian consumer electronics manufacturer, Micromax. It was launched in the year 2015 with an aim to provide great service and features to the customers at an affordable price. Yu was a developer-friendly device meaning it allowed its users to customize their operating system and tinker with the system files of the device. It was a great initiative for customers who are interested in custom ROMs and android device modifications. Yu sold dozens of smartphones under its brand and was quite popular and successful during its initial stage. One such device that Yu sold was the yu yu5510a or also known as Yu Yureka plus. 

During its launch, Yu yu5510a was highly appreciated by the targeted audience. Yu sold millions of units of this device in the online as well as the offline market. All the devices under the yu brand were majorly developed for the people who needed freedom in terms of customizing their device, it also meant that a lot of things can go wrong on the customer side. Tinkering with the system software of the device can result in a completely dead or software dead device which can be hard to fix. Your device is also software dead then you can fix it by installing the stock flash files on the device.

These flash files are provided by Yu during the launch of the device and can be used by people to restore the device to a factory state. 

In this article, we will see what exactly is a flash file and how you can install it on your device.


What is the Yu YU5510A flash file?

A flash file or also called a stock ROM is a collection of few software components that are necessary for a device to function properly. It consists of a few different software components such as the operating system, recovery image, kernel, etc. Each of these components has a designated function assigned to them. For example, the operating system handles all the user interaction and resource management for the device. The kernel provides an interface for the operating system to interact with the hardware components of the device and control them. Similarly, all the system related update task is done by the recovery image. If your device is software dead then it is sure that either of these components has malfunctioned. 

It can also happen that installing unsupported custom ROM or kernel on to the device may have corrupted the software components. In such cases re-installing the flash file is the best choice to revive the device. 

If your device hasn’t gone through any of the cases given above but is still not working properly then and it might be a hardware issue rather than being a software issue. Moreover, you can also opt for installing the flash file on your device if you are facing some other issues on your device. 

Installing the flash file can solve these problems –

Reinstalling the flash file can help to resolve any kind of software issue that you might be facing with your device. The most common software issues that you might face with your device are – 

  • If your device has gone in a boot loop where it justs keeps restarting over and over again. In such cases also, reinstalling the flash file can help to restore boot files in your device and solve the issue.
  • If you are locked out of your device and don’t remember the unlock pattern or password to unlock it. In such cases installing the flash files will reset your device and remove any kind of password protection from your device.
  • The device keeps on restarting at certain intervals unexpectedly. Installing the flash file can help the device to solve these kinds of issues. 

How to install flash file firmware in Yu YU5510A?

Here, we will see how you can start installing the flash file firmware in your Yu YU5510A.

Note –

This tutorial is only for educational purposes. We will not be responsible for any damage caused to your device by following this tutorial. 

Download Yu YU5510A flash file and the required tools

Download the below-given files and extract them on your desktop.  make sure that you keep them in locations where they are easily accessible later on.

We will be using the YGDP Tool to install the flash files on your Yu device. 

Steps to flash Yu YU5510A firmware file –

Before moving forward with the process make sure that you have switched off your device. Also, make sure that you use a good quality USB cable to avoid any unexpected errors.

  • Navigate to the folder where you have extracted the drivers and install them onto your computer. 
  • Now go to the folder where you have extracted the YGDP tool. Install the tool using the installer file present in the folder.
  • Go to the location where you have installed the flash tool and look for a file with the name ygdp_tool.Exe. Launch the tool by double-clicking on it.
  • Once the tool is launched you will see a login screen. Enter the password as 369 or 9527 and click on the login button.
  • You will be able to see the main window of the YGDP tool now. Click on the config button present in the top left corner of the application. 
  • Now a new window will open up and you have to select the CPB flash file for your device. Click on the apply button present at the bottom of the window.
  • Now connect your mobile device to the computer using a usb cable. Make sure that you have switched off your mobile phone before connecting it to the computer.
  • Click on the start button in the YGDP tool window.
  • The installation process will start once the computer detects your device. Once it is complete you will see a message on the application saying “upgrade successful”.
  • Disconnect your device from the computer and restart it.


Flash files are software packages that are necessary for a smartphone to function properly. They have different components integrated with each other that make the device behave the way it does. If anything goes wrong with any of the software components or you have any other software issues with the device, installing the software flash file will surely help to resolve the issue. Though, keep in mind that installing the flash file can only resolve software issues and nothing related to hardware. If the phone is behaving unexpectedly or is software dead then you can reinstall the flash file to bring it back to life. In this article, we have discussed what exactly is a flash file and how you can install it on your own in a step by step tutorial.