Founded by Lee Byung Chul, Samsung started as a trading company. It was founded in 1938 and in later years came into the electronics business. Headquartered in Seol, South Korea Samsung have become the largest manufacturer of electronics items and is one of the popular brands in the smartphone industry. Samsung has launched numerous mobile phones in the market including feature phones and smartphones. Samsung has about 31% total share of the smartphones that we sold in the last 12 months.

The Samsung B313E also known as Samsung Metro is a basic feature phone from Samsung. It was launched in the year 2015 and is a 2G phone. As this is a basic feature phone it is not recommended for the users who comfortable with current smartphones. It is equipped with basic features like a decent camera, Bluetooth and FM Radio. The display on the Samsung B313E is of 2.00 inches and with a resolution of 1280 x 720 with a colour depth of 65K. It comes with a 208 MHz Single Core processor which handles the basic functionalities like calling seamlessly. The device comes with a 1000 mAH removable battery. It is a dual sim phone and now talking about the camera it comes with a rear camera of 0.3 MP.

As you use the phone almost every day its performance starts degrading. This can be because of the bloatware that got downloaded to your device or some underlying software issues. To resolve these issues and get your performance of the phone skyrocketing you can install the fresh piece of ROM to your device. Flashing the stock ROM can also help if your device got infected with viruses. Here, we will learn what is a flash file and what are the benefits you can get by installing the flash file to your device. We will also give you a step by step guide on how you can flash the file to your Samsung B313E.



What is the Samsung B313E flash file?

We have to understand what exactly is the flash file and what is its function and how installing the new fresh ROM benefit us before trying to install it in your device. The flash file is basically a combination of the following components. The operating system also called OS is a software that communicates with the hardware of the device and allows other programs to run on it.

Second is the boot loader is a software component that loads the operating system on the memory when the device is switched on or restarted. The third component is the kernel which helps the CPU executes the instructions. For example, memory management should be done in Kernel-Mode only. Now we will see the issues you can resolve after installation of the flash file. And the steps to install the flash file to your Samsung B313E.

You must make a backup of all your data on your device as it will be wiped completely. During the installation of the flash file, your device will be factory restored.

Below we will see how to install the flash files on your Samsung B313E device.


Installing the flash file can solve these problems –

Flashing the file on your device can help you to resolve these kinds of issues –

  • If any of the software components are not working as they were programmed to do then reinstalling them can solve the issues.
  • Installing the flash file also helps if you have forgotten the unlock pattern or the password to unlock your device and are unable to access it then this can help you as we are reinstalling the device.
  • If you feel that the performance of your mobile phone is slow and laggy then in some cases this can be resolved by installing the flash files.


How to install flash file firmware in Samsung B313E?

Here, you will see how you can install the flash file onto your device.

Note –

This tutorial is only provided for educational purposes. And any damage caused to your device by following this tutorial is your own responsibility. We will not be responsible for any kind of damage to your device.


Download Samsung B313E flash file and the required tools

Download the files given below and extract the files. Make sure that you extract them to the desktop location as you need to access them later on.


Steps to flash Samsung B313E firmware file –

Try to use a decent and high-quality USB cable before beginning the process of flashing the file to your Samsung B313E device. Always charge your device up to 70% and above before installing the flash file to your device.

  • First, you have to install the SPD Tool on the computer to continue with the flashing process. (Skip this if the SPD Tool is already installed)
  • Now go to the folder where you extracted SPD Tool on your computer, Go to the SciU2S folder and then x86 folder. Double click on DPInst.exe or a similar file to begin the installation of the tool.
  • After the Device Driver Installation Wizard window opens, click on the Next button and then Finish button to complete the installation.
  • Now we continue with the installation of the SPD Tool. Go to the SPD Drivers folder then All SPD Drivers folder and double click on Install file.
  • Now the tools are ready for the installation of the flash file to the device.
  • Double click on the Upgrade Download.exe file in the package that you have extracted before.
  • Now it will launch the tool and a new window will pop up where you have to click on Load Packed button and select the firmware with .pac extension.
  • Click on the button at the third position named as Downloading button.
  • Switch Off your mobile device and connect it to the PC.
  • After the successful flashing, disconnect your Samsung device from the computer.
  • Power on your mobile phone and device is ready with the fresh ROM installed.
  • If after flashing the ROM, Display of the phone is in the reversed form then we have to change the copy display to original form.
  • Download this package (Package) and flash using Z3x box.


Conclusion –

In this tutorial, we have seen what benefits of installing the flash file on your Samsung B313E. If your device is not working as expected or has software issues then it might be due to the corrupt system software or virus present on your device. These type of issues can be resolved by installing the stock flash file on the device. This process is simple and easy.