Samsung and International consumer electronics manufacturer that has been operating in the smartphone for a long time. Samsung has released thousands of different smartphones in different price segments. One such device launched by Samsung was the Samsung J200g which was also called the Samsung Galaxy J2. Samsung launched this device in the year 2005 as a part of the Samsung Galaxy series. The Samsung Galaxy J2 sold millions of units during its launch time. 

It was praised highly among the users as it was one of the best phones of its time. Samsung has been known to provide. Samsung has been known to provide top quality features for a great price Over the years. Since millions of units of this device were sold a lot of people even now use it as their primary device. It is that a device that has lasted so long will have some kind of software issues eventually. If you own a Samsung J200G and your device is having some kind of software issues such as a slow operating system, app freezing frequent restarts, etc. Then you will be pleased to know that you can fix these issues without having to visit the service center.

This can be done easily by installing the stock ROM also called the flash file firmware on your device. Installing this will reset your device and make it completely new in terms of software. This is mostly useful if you have any kind of software trouble in your device. The process for the installation of the flash file is very easy and can be done by anyone with the help of a computer. 

In this article, we will see what is flash file and how you can install it on your Samsung J200g.


What is the Samsung J200G flash file?

Before installing the flash file firmware on your device We need to know what it exactly is. Simply speaking a flash file firmware Is a package of different software components such as operating system, bootloader, kernel, and the recovery image. All the software components work in synchronization to provide usability of the device to the user. The operating system is the mother software of the device and provides a user interface and surface for the user to operate the device. Similarly, whenever the device is powered on the bootloader helps to load the operating system into memory. Similarly, the recovery image handles all the updates provided by the manufacturer on to the device during its life span. Last but not least the kernel provides an interface for the operating system to interact with the hardware components of the device.

If your device is having any kind of software issue, then it is common to assume that either of these four components is responsible for reinstalling the system flash file will help to restore the original system software on your device which will surely resolve any kind of software issues that persist.

In this article, we will see how you can install the system flash file on your device and what are the benefits of doing so. 

Installing the flash file can solve these problems –

  • Reinstalling the system flash file can be useful in the case if you have forgotten the unlock password or pattern for your device. Installing the flash file firmware will reset your device and also reset the security password so that you can access it again.
  • If your device is restarting on its own frequently it might be due to a corrupted operating system that can be fixed by installing the system flash file on your device.
  • If you feel that your device has become slow and unresponsive can help to resolve these issues by resetting your device and erasing all the data on it.

How to install flash file firmware in Samsung J200G?

In this article, we will show you how you can install the system flash file on your Samsung J200G easily. For this process, we will be using Odin downloader. This will help us to install the system flash file. 

Note – Is tutorial is only for educational purposes. Any damage caused to your device is not our responsibility. Follow it at your own risk.

Download Samsung J200G flash file and the required tools

Before proceeding further download the below-given files onto your computer and extract them into three separate folders for better accessibility.

Steps to flash Samsung J200G Firmware file –

Make sure that you have charge your device to at least 50% before proceeding with the process. This is absolutely necessary for this process. We will be using the Odin Downloader for this procedure.

  • The first thing that you need to do is install the Samsung USB drivers on your computer. You can do this by going to the folder where you have extracted the drivers’ file you downloaded in the previous step and install it.
  • Now power off your Samsung device. Once it has powered off, hold the volume down key, home key and the Power key simultaneously. 
  • This will restart the phone in download mode which we will be using to install the system flash file.
  • Once your phone reboots into download mode you will see a sign with a warning yellow Triangle. Just press volume up key to continue.
  • Now go to the folder where you have extracted Odin Downloader and look for the .exe file.
  • Now launch the Olden application and connect your device to the computer via USB cable.
  • As soon as Odin detects the mobile device it will show “added” message in the lower-left corner of the screen. 
  • Now click on the button that says PDA and select the tar.md5 file. You can find the file in the folder where you have extracted the flash file for your Samsung device.
  • Once you have selected the file click on the start button present at the bottom of the Odin window. 
  • The flashing process should start now. You will see a green-colored pass message once the flashing process is complete.
  • Now disconnect your Samsung device from the computer. 
  • Press and hold the volume up key, home key, power key simultaneously to boot into stock recovery mode. 
  • Once you have booted into the stock recovery mode Select the option that says wipe data/factory reset. 
  • Once the cache data is cleared select the option that says reboot system now and reboot your device.

If everything went correctly your Samsung device should show a completely fresh copy of the operating system on it.

Conclusion –

If you have a Samsung J200G that has software issues such as unresponsive system, app freezing, etc. You can fix the issues on your own.  The process is quite simple and you will not need to visit a service center or a mobile device repair shop for this. Just follow the above-given tutorial carefully.