Samsung was founded by Lee Byung Chul in 1938. Starting as a trading company back in the days and transforming into the electronics manufacturing company in the late 1960s, this has been a big step. Now Samsung is one of the big players in the electronics business. In the first half of the year 2020, Samsung holds a total of 31% market share in smartphone manufacturing and selling.  It has its headquarters in Seoul, South Korea and operated in countries all over the world. India is a big market for Samsung and it is also launching mobile phones mainly focused on this market.

Samsung B110E is also known as Samsung Guru Plus B110E was launched by the company in India on June 22, 2015. This is a feature phone that was launch by Samsung especially focusing on the Indian mobile phone market. It comes with an 800 mAh Li-ion battery and a display of size 1.5 inches with a resolution of 128 x 128 pixels and a pixel density of 121 PPM. It is a dual sim mobile supporting only 2G. The device also comes with multimedia support and supports FM Radio and images, music and video playback. The device also comes with some basic inbuilt games. If we talk about cameras, as it is a feature phone it doesn’t come with the rear or front camera. It comes with only one variant and only one colour Black.



What is the Samsung B110E flash file?

Before installing the flash file let us see what is a flash file and what are the different functionalities it is working on. Usually, the flash file consists of 4 main software components. The definition of the flash file is as follows it is an Operating System Software that manages mobile hardware using the capabilities of different software components. First is the Operating System, it is the chief software component of all the four components and helps the user to use the mobile device by harnessing the power of the hardware present on that device. Second is the kernel which acts as a manager to manage disk and memory of the device. The recovery image helps the device to start up when it is not functioning properly. The bootloader loads the operating system into the memory of the device when the device is switched on.

If any of the mentioned software components are not working properly and a factory reset is not solving this problem then installing the flash file reinstalls all the software components and can help you resolve this issue.  


Installing the flash file can solve these problems –

Installing the flash file on your Samsung B110E device can help you to solve these software issues –

  • If the performance of your Samsung B110E has degraded significantly and you are experiencing some type of lag while using the device then flashing the Stock file can help you regain the performance of the device.
  • In any case, your Mobile device gets stuck at boot loop and is not switching on then installing the flash file can help you resolve this problem.
  • Also, if you had forgotten password your lock screen password and a hard reset is not working then you have to install the OS again then installing the flash file also reinstalls the OS. 


How to install flash file firmware in Samsung B110E?

Here, you will see how you can install the flash file onto your device.

Note –

This tutorial is provided for only educational purposes. And any damage caused to your device by following this tutorial is your own responsibility. We will not be responsible for any kind of damage to your device.

Don’t forget to backup all the data from the device as reinstalling the Operating System delete all the data from the storage of the device.


Download Samsung B110E flash file and the required tools

Download the files given below and extract the files.


Steps to flash Samsung B110E firmware file –

Don’t forget to charge your device 70% and up before proceeding with the installation. Use a good quality USB cable to connect the device to your computer. Also, make sure that you have made a backup of all your data.

  • First let us install the SPD USB Driver, for this download the SPD USB Driver from the above link and extract at a more accessible location or simply extract it on Desktop.
  • Then open the SPD Driver folder and the folder as per your Computer Operating System. (For eg. If you have Windows 10 the open the Win10 folder.)
  • After the folder is open, double click on the DriverSetup.exe to launch the driver installation program.
  • Click Next to proceed with the installation process.
  • After the installation is successful click on the Finish button to exit the Driver installation Setup.
  • Restart the computer and proceed with the flashing process.
  • After downloading the .zip file extract the SPD Upgrade Tool on the computer. Once the Upgrade Tool is extracted find and double click on UpgradeDownload.exe file to begin the flashing process.
  • Once the Upgrade Tool is Launched click on the Load Packet Button.
  • The file explorer will prompt on your computer and Locate the .pac file that you have downloaded from the above link. Click on Open to load the firmware file.
  • Connect your Samsung B110E device to the computer using USB Cable and make sure that the device is switched off. 
  • Click on Start Downloading button to begin the flashing process on the device.
  • The upgrade tool may take a few minutes to complete the installation of the flash file.
  • You can see the “Passed” message on the Upgrade Tool after the flashing process is completed.
  • Now Power ON the Samsung Device and the installation process is complete.


Conclusion – 

Congratulations! You just learned how to flash or install the flash file on your Samsung B110E device. You also learned what is a flash firmware file and what are the advantages you can get by installing the file on your Samsung device. This was a step by step guide for installing the flash file on your Samsung B110E Guru Plus device. Just follow all the steps and the flashing process will complete without any errors.